Morningside Heights Historic Pictures (And Unbuilt Proposals)

Morningside Heights Before Columbia (1894)

Morningside Heights from the River (1908)

Low Library With Empty Field In Foreground (Early 1900's)

Morningside Park And St. Luke's Hospital (Early 1900's)

Old Riverside Park

Panorama of Grant's Tomb and Hudson River (1909)

Staircase in Morningside Park (Early 1900's)

Cyclists Near Grant's Tomb (c. 1900)

Parlor of 238 W. 113th St. (c. 1900)

An Empty Neighborhood (Early 1900's)

Columbia Campus With Open South Field

Grant's Tomb When New(ish)

IRT Subway Under Construction (c. 1904)

The 125th St. Subway viaduct (Early 1900's)

The Riverside Drive viaduct (c. 1940)

Colosseum Apartments With Plan (c. 1910)

Manhasset Apartments With Plan (c. 1910)

View Down the Hill

Hendrik Hudson Apartments With Plan (c. 1910)

International House Under Construction (1922)

Gould Boat House

320-322 W. 107th St. (1926)

Riverside Church in the 1930's (With Miniature Golf!)

Teachers College of Columbia University

Morningside Heights From The Air (1932)

Manhattan From The Air (1949)

Phillip Petit on the High Wire (1978)

VANISHED: Ferry to Edgewater, NJ (Unknown)

VANISHED: Townhouses on W.117th St. (Unknown)

VANISHED: Claremont Restaurant in Riverside Park (c. 1920)

VANISHED: The Broadway Trolley

VANISHED: Old Barnard College

VANISHED: Subway Entrance

VANISHED: Cars on College Walk (c. 1950)

VANISHED: Olympia Theatre, 1951

VANISHED: Apartment Building and Gas Station on Present Site of Broadway Residence(c. 1940)

VANISHED: 116th St. Station House (c. 1965)

VANISHED: Trestle of the Old 9th Avenue Elevated Train (c. 1900)

UNBUILT: The Original Columbia Campus Plan (1894)

UNBUILT: The 120th Street Laboratories (1924)

UNBUILT: Engineering School Riverside Drive Site (1954)

UNBUILT: The Notorious Columbia University Gym (1968)

UNBUILT: Original Plan For East Campus (1965)

UNBUILT: Columbia Campus Expansion Plan (1966)

UNBUILT: Classroom And Housing Complex For Teachers College (1969)

UNBUILT: South Field Towers For Columbia University (1970)

UNBUILT: Elderly Apartments Opposite St. John's (1970)

UNBUILT: Union Theological Seminary Apartment Tower (1987)

UNBUILT: East Campus Twin Towers (1990)

UNBUILT: The Original Design For The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine

UNBUILT: Proposed Riverside Park Stadium

UNBUILT: Proposed Hudson River Watergate


MULTIPLE IMAGES: 110th St. Elevated Train

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Barnard College


MULTIPLE IMAGES: Cathedral of St. John the Divine

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Unbuilt Alternate Plans for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Construction of Columbia's Butler Library

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Columbia's South Field

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Columbia's Low Library

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Columbia From the Air

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Columbia's College Walk

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Columbia's Earl Hall

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Morningside Park

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Riverside Church

MULTIPLE IMAGES: St. Luke's Hospital

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Teachers College

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Riverside Drive

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Low Library Interior

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Union Theological Seminary

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Anti-War Protests of the 1930's

MULTIPLE IMAGES: Columbia Boathouse in Riverside Park

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