Contemporary Pictures of Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights From The Air

Views From Top of Lionsgate Apartments

Broadway Outside Columbia Gates

Street Scene on Broadway #1

Street Scene on Broadway #2

Broadway & 106th St.

Broadway, North From 115th St.

116th Street West of Broadway

Columbia University Main Gate

Columbia University Campus

Columbia's Butler Library

Gothic Architecture on 120th St.

Riverside Church, Claremont Ave. & 120st St.

Grant's Tomb, Riverside Drive & 122nd St.

Columbia University Skyline

View Towards Central Park From Terrace Restaurant

Barnard College

Kindergarten Kids in Riverside Park

Samad's Deli and The Heights Restaurant

Booksellers on Broadway

116th St. Panorama

Teachers College on 120th St.

Riverside Church Interior

Chapel of the Interchurch Center

Interior of Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Greek Temple Storefront On 110th St.

Firehouse at Amsterdam Ave. & 113th St.

Another Street Scene

Historic Doorway at Riverside & 116th St.

Art-Deco Apartment Building

Panorama Looking North From Teachers College

Apartment Building on Riverside Drive

Typical Side Street

Church of the Ascension Interior

Nusbaum & Wu's Deli

Riverside Drive Apartment Building

Church of the Ascension Exterior, 107th St.

Amsterdam Avenue at 110th St.

Broadway at 110th St.

110th Street Between Broadway & Amsterdam

Peaceful Morningside Drive at 115th St.

Jewish Theological Seminary Courtyard

Straus Park at Broadway & 106th St.

Senate House of Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Flying Buttresses of Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Street Scene On Broadway

Water Tanks On Roofs at 110th St.

Broadway Presbyterian Church

International House

International House Auditorium

The Neighborhood's Prettiest Inhabitant

The Neighborhood's Ugliest Public Sculpture

Courtyard of Union Theological Seminary

Christian Science Church

St. Paul's Chapel of Columbia University

Riverside Drive Esplanade

Morningside Park

View From the Terrace Restaurant

Remains of Leake & Watts Orphanage

Old Part of St. Luke's Hospital

Tom's Famous Restaurant

Schinasi Mansion On Riverside Drive

Mansions On Riverside Drive

Notre Dame Church on Morningside Drive

Liberty Boutique at Broadway & 112th St.

Papyrus Bookstore at Broadway & 114th St.

Broadway From The Heights Restaurant

Artistic Coffee House

Rear of St. John's Cathedral

Columbia Science Laboratories on 120th St.

Columbia Law School (Animated)

Amsterdam Avenue North From 117th St.

A Typical Side Street

Another Typical Side Street

Amsterdam Ave. & 120th St.

121st Street, Looking Towards the Tower of Riverside Church

Interior of Corpus Christi Church

Folk-Art Benches At Grant's Tomb

Riverside Drive Viaduct Over Manhattanville

Upper Riverside Drive

Nine Train Entering The Tunnel

Playpen on Apartment Building Roof

Faculty Apartments on Riverside Drive at 124th St.

Broadway South of Tiemann Place

Morningside Gardens Co-op Apartments

Industrial Area North Of Us

Neon Lights At Night On Broadway

Morningside Heights From Edgewater, NJ

New Jersey & Hudson River