Rear of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Peter Marcus' New York, the Nation's Metropolis (1921) had this to say about this remarkable structure, whose flying buttresses have been known to attract climbing Columbia undergraduates:

"The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is the chief church of the diocese of New York. It stands on Morningside Heights, a magnificent site, from which it dominates all the surrounding city. Its enormous dome suggests that of Saint Peter's and on the very pinnacle of the apse the angel Gabriel faces east, sounding the trumpet in an endless note of triumph. Viewing this structure, although as yet unfinished, one tries, almost in vain, to realize that it is to be still larger and more wonderful when fully completed, and when time has mellowed its stately stones and has hung about its walls the indescribable dignity of age." (p.19)

St. John the Divine

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