Morningside Heights from the River (1908)

This hand-tinted photgraph shows some of the earliest buildings of Columbia, Barnard, Teacher's College, and Grant's Tomb. If you look carefully at the water's edge, you can see a train of boxcars on the old New York Central tracks, which were not put in their present tunnel until Riverside Park was extended over them in the 1930's.

There has been some discussion recently of building a new footbridge near this location over the Henry Hudson Parkway, which has replaced the railroad as barrier to our waterfront. The City has already committed to building a usable walkway along the Riverside Park shoreline, cantilevered over the river where necessary. Our section will be called "Cherry Walk" after the cherry trees along the edge of the Hudson, and construction is scheduled to begin in 2000. Presently, there are in some spots (mostly south of us) only a few feet between the edge of the highway and the river itself.

View of Columbia from River

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