Morningside Heights From The Air (1932)

This north-facing picture shows quite a few differences from the present day. Butler Library of Columbia University is under construction, though the Cathedral of St. John the Divine isn't much less built than today. The old wing of St. Luke's Hospital is intact, with a park where the new wing is today. A park likewise occupies the space now taken by the Consolidated Edison substation at 110th St. & Amsterdam. Morningside Gardens on 120th St. hasn't been built yet, and neither has Carman Hall or the Mudd Engineering building. The cylindrical structure at top right is a gas-storage tank that has since been pulled down, as have the piers to its left that served the old industrial area, now largely defunct, just north of Morningside Heights. Click here for a map.

Morningside Heights from the air, 1933

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