Vanished: The Chase Bank / B'way Residence Site (1940?)

These pictures show a flourishing gas station and a handsome apartment building where the Broadway Residence now is. Our guess is that Chase Bank or one of its predecessors at some point tore down the apartment building. We would be interested to know how, and why, this happened. Note that the building even then had a branch of the Corn Exchange Bank, which has since mutated, via several mergers, into Chase Bank. Incredibly, the laundry's sign appears to be still there today (6/15/97). Note the quality of the streetlamp compared to what gets put up today. The numbered plate in the gas station picture is a block number that the City's tax authorities used for their records, from which this photo comes. Columbia has built an undergraduate dormitory on this site. Thanks to Carolyn Kent of the Morningside Heights Historic District for these pictures.

Broadway Garage

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