Columbia University Planning Framework Study

Columbia University has finally released its Planning Framework Study, three years in the making, on the future preservation and development of its own campus and the surrounding neighborhood. Hats off to Wendy Feuer, project director, for this magnificent investment in our future. It was produced by a working group designed to bring together various parties interested in the built environment of Morningside Heights, and is available for public perusal at the W.113th St. Branch of the NY Public Library. We encourage everyone to take a look at it in order to be informed participants in discussions of our neighborhood's future.


Story Announcing Project in Columbia University Record


Proposed meeting schedule


Summary of the first meeting, 26 September 1996

The working group consists of (alphabetically):

John Arbo - 112th St. Block Association
Paul Bente - Dept. of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, CU
Barry Bergdoll - Dept. of Art History, CU
Diane Bratcher - Chairperson, Community Board 7
Paul Byard - Architect
Peg Breen - N.Y Landmarks Conservancy
Faith Consolo - Senior Manager, Garrick-Aus Associates
Maritta Dunn - Chairperson, Community Board 9
Joan Gerner - Lehrer McGovern Bovis Inc.
Sigurd Grava - Dept. of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, CU
Carolyn Halpin-Healy - Community Resident
Carolyn Kent - Morningside Heights Historic District Committee
Mary McNamara - Chairperson, Morningside Area Alliance
Dorothy Miner, Esq. - Adjunct Faculty, Columbia University
Jan Pokorny - Dept. of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, CU
Charles Reiss - Vice-President Development, Trump Organization
Bob Roistacher - Community Resident
Brendan Sexton - Municipal Art Society
Lisa Wager - Community Resident

The Columbia University administration participants are:

Emily Lloyd - Executive Vice-President for Administration
Larry Kilduff - Vice-President for Facilities Management
Larry Dias - Assistant VP & Director, Government Relations & Community Affairs
Patricia Lancaster- Assistant VP for Planning, Design & Construction
Bill Scott - Deputy VP Institutional Real Estate
Bernhard Haeckel- Director of Planning and Space Information Systems
Irwin Lefkowitz - University Architect
Anne Canty - Director of Communications and Public Information
Geoffrey Wiener- Deputy Director, Planning & Space Information Systems
Wendy Feuer- Project Director

The Following are Consultants to the Project:

PLANNING FRAMEWORK STUDY: The historic preservation firm of Beyer Blinder Belle.

John H. Beyer - Partner in Charge
John Belle - Partner
Richard Southwick - Partner, Project Management
James Rhodes - Associate Partner, Preservation Architect
Norma Barbacci - Preservation Planner

BBB has worked on the preservation of Ellis Island, Grand Central Station, and Stone St. in Lower Manhattan. They will develop comprehensive planning guidelines for the preservation and development of Columbia buildings.

OFF-CAMPUS BUILDING SURVEY & DEVELOPMENT OF PRESERVATION GUIDELINES: The historic preservation firm of Higgins & Quasebarth.

Elise Quasebarth - Partner in Charge
Christopher Neville - Associate
Cas Stachelberg - Associate
Andrew Dolkart - Architectural Historian

Higgins & Quasebarth, consultants in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties, will inventory the more than 150 off-campus apartment buildings owned by Columbia, provide baseline data and develop preservation guidelines.

LANDSCAPE MASTER PLAN: Thomas Balsey Associates in association with Lynden B. Miller Public Garden Design and H.M.Brandston Lighting Design.

Thomas Balsey - Principal
Kathleen Bakewell - Project Manager
Lynden B. Miller - Principal
Christina Mann - Associate
Howard Brandston - Principal, lighting design
Robert Prouse - Partner
Andrew Dolkart - architectural historian, Columbia adjunct professor

Thomas Balsey Associates, a landscape architecture firm, will work with associates to develop a landscape master plan, including recommendations on plantings, signage, paving, lighting and street furniture. Andrew Dolkart has just published a book Morningside Heights: A History of its Architecture and Development and will work with the landscape architects to provide historic context.

Pierce Hall, an old design for Mathematics Quad that may one day be built.

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