Working Group Meeting #1 (9/26/96)

LOCATION: Trustees' Room, Low Library.
Emily Lloyd, Columbia VP for administration, welcomed the participants and discussed instructions and institutional goals.

The consultants to the project presented the scope of their work:
1) John Beyer of Beyer, Blinder, Belle.
2) Elise Quasebarth of Higgins & Quasebarth.
3) Thomas Balsey of Thomas Balsey Associates.

The discussion topics were:
1) What gives the neighborhood its sense of place?
2) How many neighborhoods do you perceive in the survey area?
3) What in the neighborhood is worth preserving?
4) How do the institutional and residential communities use the campus?
As a thoroughfare, for passive uses, for programs & social gatherings?
5) How could the circulation within the campus and its connections to the neighborhood be improved?
6) How could outdoor campus spaces better respond to student, faculty and visitor needs such as outdoor reading, cafes?

A public meeting scheduled for early November was reviewed.