Emily Lloyd

Emily Lloyd is Columbia's Executive Vice-President for Administration. She was the highly regarded head of the New York City Department of Sanitation before joining Columbia in 1996. She is originally from Philadelphia.

Her office oversees, among other things, the Department of Design, Planning & Construction. She is responsible for the attractive new signs that have been put up on campus. About the Working Group on Historic Preservation, she says,

"In the past, Columbia's efforts at comprehensive planning and ourability to work with our neighbors has been hampered by incomplete information and differing levels of knowledge... This work is intended both to give us a framework for future decisions and much-needed baseline information concerning our existing facilities, particularly the buildings we own off-campus. I feel certain that the group we have assembled will give us an outstanding work product for the benefit of the University and the entire neighborhood." (Columbia Press Release 9/23/96)

Her office is at 313 Low Library on the Columbia Campus. 854-7262. fax: 854-7260. E-mail: el101@columbia.edu