Columbia Law School Residence (Lenfest Hall)

Status: Under Construction

This building, on 121st St. between Amsterdam and Morningside, is by Scott Keller of Gruzen Samton & Associates, architects of Columbia's ugly Jewish Students' Center. It will be 16 stories tall and cost $41 million. Of the 211 units, 181 will be studios, 29 will have one bedroom and one will have two bedrooms. With an exterior that is to be primarily masonry, brick and granite, and a facade that is to be divided into several sections, the lower seven stories will jut out to the street line, with the remaining nine stories set back. "Our building is meant to join in with its neighbors, so that the upper portion will be in darker reds and browns to relate it to adjacent buildings," said Mr. Keller. The adjacent building, 130 Morningside Drive, which is now almost vacant, will be renovated into 50 apartments. Please contact Mr. Keller at and tell him to fix the design.

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