The 112th St. Post Office Building

This lot used to be a community play garden. The new post office was built to replace the one torn down to make way for Columbia's new Law & Business Schools building. The other occupant of this building is the Labyrinth Book Store, which is the neighborhood's first serious bookstore since Salter's closed and was brought to this Columbia-owned building by the efforts of Provost Cole.

The design of this building and compensation for the loss of the play garden were negotiated with Columbia by the West 112th St. Block Association. Its style is inoffensively dull, but really could have been better. The top-floor windows are too small and that entrance awning is so clunky! Still, this is intended as a temporary building, and the site will presumably one day be developed to the height of the buildings next to it. Benches have recently been added in front by the efforts of the 112th St. Block Association.

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