Street Trees

Street trees not only look nice, they absorb pollutants, break winds, and stabilize summer temperatures. If you don't want to pay for a tree and don't mind waiting out the application and planting process, you can request to have a tree planted as a part of Parks' regular street tree plantings. Requests can be made through your local community board. But all it takes to get a tree planted in the upcoming planting season is one phone call and a tax-deductible contribution to the New York Tree Trust. For more information or to order a tree call (212) 360-TREE.. If there is an existing tree pit in the sidewalk, they can plant your tree for $400 to $500. If they have to excavate a new pit, the cost will range from $550 to $650 for a tree up to three inches in diameter. Prices vary according to size and species. Click here for more information.

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