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We do not keep listings. The usual and best way to find an apartment in our neighborhood is to consult the posters on the bus shelters on Broadway. Or try the on-line listing services below, some of which are local and some national.

Some advice to out-of-towners: despite myths you may have heard, there is no voodoo to finding an apartment in Manhattan. There are only four caveats: 1) Manhattan is expensive, period. Love it or leave it. 2) Apartments here are considerably smaller than in most other parts of the U.S; adjust your size expectations accordingly 3) As in any other part of the capitalist world, if you give somebody your money without getting proof in writing that they will give you what you paid for, you will be fleeced. 4) Assume your landlord will take the same precautions towards you. The good news is that our neighborhood is still less expensive than comparably nice neighborhoods further downtown.

Some famous local apartment buildings: The Manhasset. The Colosseum. The Hendrik Hudson. Some Brokers:

Manhattan-Morningside Heights Roommate Finders


Rent Net

Apartment Sense

Apartment Source

Apartment Store


Educational Housing Services

Feathered Nest


Maison International

Metropolis Real Estate

Quality Living Village

Rent Direct

Apts - NYC

Rent Direct

Robert Hill's NYC Apartments

Shares and Sublets International

Transworld Roommates

Urban Ventures Bed & Breakfast

212 Apartments

About NYC Housing Law:

New York Housing Laws

Housing Court Decisions

Mutual Housing Association

NY Cooperatives Council

Rent Administration Fact Sheets

Housing & Rent Info

Tenant Net

Co-op & Condo Monthly

Superintendents' Club